Project Requirements Template

 What is the purpose of this project?
===Problem Description===
Describe the problem
High level description of the solution.
===Business Need===
Justify the project.
===Bug Reference===
List of high level tracking bugs
  ===Functional Requirements===
       ====1. Customer Requirement====
       ====2. Use Cases====
       ====3. Functionality and Feature Description====
         =====Current behavior=====
         =====New functionality=====
         =====New concepts=====
         =====User Interface=====
       ====4. Preconditions and Assumptions====
       ====5. Limitations====
       ====6. Dependencies and Impact Analysis====
       ====7. Known issues====
  ===User Interface Requirements===
  ===Performance Requirements===
  ===Data Model===
    ====Schema Changes====
    ====Seed Data====
    ====Data Upgrade====
    ====Non-API Code Changes====
  ===User Interface===
==Test Plans==