All objects in the database.

Name Datatype Length Mandatory Comments
OWNER VARCHAR2 (30)   Username of the owner of the object
OBJECT_NAME VARCHAR2 (128)   Name of the object
SUBOBJECT_NAME VARCHAR2 (30)   Name of the sub-object (for example, partititon)
OBJECT_ID NUMBER     Object number of the object
DATA_OBJECT_ID NUMBER     Object number of the segment which contains the object
OBJECT_TYPE VARCHAR2 (18)   Type of the object
CREATED DATE     Timestamp for the creation of the object
LAST_DDL_TIME DATE     Timestamp for the last DDL change (including GRANT and REVOKE) to the object
TIMESTAMP VARCHAR2 (19)   Timestamp for the specification of the object
STATUS VARCHAR2 (7)   Status of the object
TEMPORARY VARCHAR2 (1)   Can the current session only see data that it place in this object itself?
GENERATED VARCHAR2 (1)   Was the name of this object system generated?
SECONDARY VARCHAR2 (1)   Is this a secondary object created as part of icreate for domain indexes?


cursor cur_object(c_name  in dba_objects.object_name%type
                 , c_owner in dba_objects.owner%type
                 , c_type  in dba_objects.object_type%type
                 , c_status in dba_objects.status%type := '%') is
  select owner, object_name
  from dba_objects
  where object_name like c_name ESCAPE '\'
  and   object_type like c_type
  and   owner       like c_owner
  and   status      like c_status
  order by owner, object_name;