ASG Software Solutions

ASG is a medium sized (1,200 employee) privately owned software company Headquartered in Naples, Florida.  They offer a series of Business Service Management (BSM) tools.  They offer 3 levels of product service which they identify as Normalized (L2),  Managed (L3) and Optimized (L4).  These levels are shown in the diagram below along with Reactive (L1) which represents an organization with no tools to aggregate data.

A Normalized (L2) service uses their dashboard software to aggregate data from multiple collectors and map this data to business services for reporting.  They provide a customizable drill down dashboard that allows the user to navigate from a series of business process indicators to the individual nodes and services that support it.

Managed (L3) and Optimized (L4) services incorporate a CMDB between the dashboard and the code that monitors individual services.  ASG provides a product offering called metaCMDB.  metaCMDB is a federated configuration management database.  It records data assembled from automated discovery tools.  The following diagram (linked from the ASG website) shows the relationship between the discovery tools, a CMDB repository and the presentation tools.

The use of a CMDB allows complex relationships to be modelled and analyzed.   Ball park figures for perpetual licenses to implement a L2 solution are $250K. Perpetual licenses for L2 and L3 implementations are likely to cost  $600K - $700K.   Additional information is available from: