Information about accessible columns in constraint definitions.

Name Datatype Length Mandatory Comments
OWNER VARCHAR2 (30) Yes Owner of the constraint definition
CONSTRAINT_NAME VARCHAR2 (30) Yes Name associated with the constraint definition
TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2 (30) Yes Name associated with table with constraint definition
COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2 (4000)   Name associated with column or attribute of object column specified in the constraint definition
POSITION NUMBER     Original position of column or attribute in definition


cursor cur_list_cons_columns(cv_cons_name in dba_cons_columns.constraint_name%type
                           , c_owner in dba_objects.owner%type)
  -- list the columns for a given constraint
  is select cc.column_name
     from dba_cons_columns cc
     where cc.constraint_name = cv_cons_name
     and cc.owner = c_owner
     order by cc.position;